Team Leaders:

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Dwight Simes: Lead Investigator, Historian, Case Manager, and Team Manager/Co-Founder


I​ have been interested in the paranormal since a child; having grown up with several relatives and a grandmother that had psychic abilities.  My wife Linda and I became very involved with NEPA (North East Paranormal Associates) since its inception in 2009.


 I earned my degree at the University of Arizona, where I majored in astronomy, physics, history, environmental science, and geography.  I also studied and earned a Nidan in Goju-Ryu Karate Do and competed all over the northeast region, became a referee/judge, and co-managed a martial arts dojo.

​I am a Process/Plating Engineer and an EHS Specialist with over 25 years of management experience as well as a wedding photographer. My approach to the paranormal field has been influenced by my family connections along with my passion for science, history, UFO's, hiking, old cars, photography, and traveling. I have many eclectic interests. Much of my philosophy stems from my martial arts’ training.

Linda Simes: Lead Investigator, Case Manager and the Team Co-Manager/Co-Founder

​I spent the first 29 years of my life traveling around the world with my parents. My father was a career man in the US Army, which brought us to a new location almost every year; from Montana to Turkey and graduating from high school in Brunssum, Holland. I spent most of my years in Europe before finally settling in New Hampshire, where I met my husband.


​ I have been intrigued by the paranormal for many years prior to joining NEPA in 2009. My passions have always been traveling, UFOs, paranormal studies, reading and my love for animals.