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North East Paranormal Associates (or NEPA) was first established in 2009. We are a team of paranormal enthusiasts. There is a bit of a skeptic in us all, which assists in our investigations by keeping us grounded. We are truly passionate at what we do. We like to let the facts lead us to our conclusions.


We conduct investigations routinely in Southern NH. we have traveled throughout New England and as far south as Gettysburg, PA. We even traveled to Ireland as a team in 2019. We do not only conduct private investigations but we also conduct investigation in the commercial and medical sectors as well. We enjoy not only investigating the paranormal but we also enjoy discussing it! Through our Paranormal Forums with the public, we enjoy opening the floor up to others who also find the topic as exciting.


NEPA never charges any fees for our services. We come together for small in-home or larger investigations, sharing our specialties. Whether it’s events or fundraisers to benefit other non-profits or for educational presentations to public or private organizations, we are always willing to share our experiences and acquired expertise.


Our team is committed to our clients. We are very open with our clients and always honest about our findings. We pride ourselves on being a free service and impartial. We keep the degree of confidentiality that you choose.  If we need to clear a home, we use our resources and request, if needed, clearing assistance from mediums with whom we enjoy working.

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