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What We Do:


We have an organized & objective approach for all investigations:

  1. Meet with the client(s) to discuss the situation; a caseworker is assigned for an interview.

  2. Determine what the objective is, based on the client's needs and wishes.

  3. Organize a team to perform a preliminary investigation, which may/may not occur soon.

  4. Perform an historical background check/study​​​​ of the site to provide another perspective.

  5. ​Schedule an initial paranormal team investigation appropriate for the site or situation.

  6. Conduct a team investigation; usually encompassing several hours with the client(s).

  7. Accumulate evidence using people, equipment, & techniques to meet our objectives.

  8. Close the investigation & give a preliminary finding to the client; presenting a plan.

  9. Evaluate the evidence offsite and present the findings to the client as soon as possible.

  10. Determine if a follow-up investigation is desired or warranted.

​        It may take another session or two to obtain results, or more results, if any;

        We cannot guarantee that the spirits or the paranormal energies will cooperate;

        Their timeline with our team​ is not on-demand or subject to our agenda.

  11. Schedule any follow-up, conduct the investigation(s)​, evaluate, & present our findings.

  12. Present our client with options, suggestions, & recommendations based on our findings. 


​​We may offer spiritual cleansings, blessings, or other techniques​​​​​ from either our team or other affiliated organizations; always without any obligatory fees from us.

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